Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bonjour, je veux etre le monderne Da Vinci, oui.

Hello, I wish to be the modern Da Vinci, mhmmm.

I've never been a big painter... But I decided that at this ripe young age, I should start trying out all sorts of mediums. Therefore... I started oil painting.

To tell you the truth, I love it.
I haven't learned many techniques, because I'm slowly teaching myself and finding more and more ways to do all of it. Therefore. Amateur stuff...

This is my most recent one painted, and I've yet to finish it... But since it's been sitting on my easel for weeks, I should just post it here, and when I'm all the way done, I'll make another post.

Yes, those are all words. Yes, they do say stuff. Some of them are writings. Some are just random thoughts...
(I think I've grown as a painter in four paintings, and this one is the best yet. See for yourself...)

This one is of a girl named Alex. I did it randomly, and actually liked the way it came out. It's probably the most 0il-like painting I have. If that makes sense. Yes, it's supposed to be upside down.

I was trying to keep some balance here, and it came out a lot like I imagined it.

And this is the first one I've ever done, titled "Everything But" :].
It pretty much just flowed from my mind. I'm insane when it comes to doodling. So this has a lot from all of that good stuff. Blahblahblah.

Oh, and! This summer for three weeks, I'm taking art class at a nearby college. Since I'm only 16, and have to deal with normal art classes in high school... That is going to be an amazing experience. I'm taking painting and drawing, so hopefully we'll do something with oil paints. :D

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Second. :D

I suppose, that for now... I'll just start from the most recent things, and throw some older in here and there.

So I'm in photography class (first year), and it's pretty exciting... As of late I've been working on digital which I prefer wayyy more.

So I'll post some of those. :]]]

I'll stop there... for now. I have many many more, but those call for another time.

Hopefully you enjoy.

Monday, April 14, 2008

First. :]

Hello, hello, hello...

I find myself not knowing what to say, really. I'm going to like becoming a blogger, I can tell you that.

First things first - Bonjour to the Art Party. :] I can't wait, at all, to start getting a feel for everyone and getting more into this.

I guess that's about all I have to say in this post, I'm off to get lost in the ways of this site (again). :D

- Mariah