Thursday, April 17, 2008

Second. :D

I suppose, that for now... I'll just start from the most recent things, and throw some older in here and there.

So I'm in photography class (first year), and it's pretty exciting... As of late I've been working on digital which I prefer wayyy more.

So I'll post some of those. :]]]

I'll stop there... for now. I have many many more, but those call for another time.

Hopefully you enjoy.


Cadet Declan said...

I really like the one's with the cracking wood and the shoes! Good work!

Cadet Tommy said...

Hey there Cadet Mariah,

Interesting perspective in this work. But with digital photography, I use to be the same way about using only digital but I love film (medium format and color) now though.

admiral alanna said...

my favorite is the last one. thanks for posting!!

what do you prefer about digital? you should probably also get into this discussion about Color vs. B&W that's going on in the forum:

Cadet Tom said...

yeah, there is pretty interesting perspective and attention to detail here. i really love how the first of the flower pops, and the rich but subdued reds there.

my favorite is the one with the shoes though!

keep on shooting, and keep on posting (i hope!).