Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The day is getting to me.

I feel like I should be breathing and bleeding art. I want it to be me. I want to be it. I want to feed upon it. I feel like I should be reading more. I feel like my brain is slowly deteriorating because I lack the time to do these things that I have, for so long, been growing off of. I feel the idiot slipping into me. I can't change it, I can't push myself to do things that I love to do. What if I love to do them because I'm free to? If I push these things down my throat I may not barf up what I'd like. So instead I patiently wait for something to spurge out on it's own. It hasn't for my schedule won't allow it. But I'm going to adjust so it will. If it doesn't, I'm afraid I'll lose myself. This self I've worked hard at over the past years. Who I want to be. Who I am.

These are some old-ish, random works that I pulled out of a file that is starting to collect dust.
They share nothing in common. Besides two of them are my best friend.


Cadet Tom said...

these are really awesome. the perspective on the first is pretty sweet. i like the juxtaposition of movement devices. feets and wheels.

it's a pretty sweet portrait, and i really like the blues. they pull it all together.

and the last is kinda cool & stylized. i like that one the best i think. it's contrasty but not too constrasty. i like it. the subject and composition come together really nicely.

please more photos please.

morgiepoo said...

more more more in concurrence with tomothy! and i am sure all arteests here can empathize with your lack of artistic gumption.

admiral alanna said...

ditto on feeling the need to create and getting the urge less.... so instead i will spend my time working on this website. sigh.

these are lovely, the one with the tv makes me especially happy for some reason. i like televisions when they're not in use.

good set!